Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'm interrupting this guest blogger program to update you on Me! Below are my last 10 workouts. I've been focusing on one of my weakest links...Running!

20 squats
20 seconds rest
20 squats
15 thrusters with 12k KB (Right arm only)
20 swings
run 400 with my old slow dog
20 box jumps
run again
15 thrusters
20 squats
20 swings
15 snatches
1 min rest
10 high pull L/R with 12k KB
10 thrusters R
10 high pulls L/R
Rest 5 or 10 mins
4 TGU's each side with 12k KB
It was the first time I've done TGU with the 12k KB on the left side...really hard..really!

Ran 1 mile
5 front squats with 45# bar
5 front squats with 75#( These both hurt my shoulder a little.)
50 swings with 20k KB
15 High pulls each arm
15 SDLP's
15 Goblet squats
Run 1 mile

I just did not have it today. I had to push myself just to get up and do this little number.
It does feel good to hit the Met con again. I will do this for the next two days or so. Then go heavy at the gym on Sat

Warm up
Row 400m (with care to the left shoulder)
Snatch work with 16k KB ( just for form)
Front Squat form work 45#x10
Worked on not collapsing on the bottom for the squat.
Row 400 Just slow and easy
Front squat with 65#x5
Deadlift 135x5
Row 400 Slow and easy
Front squats 35#x5
DL 175#x3
Rest 5 mins
DL 204#x2
My old PR was 240#
Would like to get 250# or so by end of June

Warm Up:
Run perimeter of basketball court 4 times.
100 jump ropes
50# Sandbag carry perimeter of basketball court twice(walk one side lunge other side)
Sandbag pull full court 4 times unsure of weight of bag (I think it's at lest 85# or 90lbs)
50 air squats

Main workout for time:
50#Sandbag Carry and lunge perimeter of court
Sandbag pull up and back full court
40 air squats

Yesterdays Workout
6am at Crossfit Challenge
1000 meter Row
50 jumping slamballs.
It took about 8 mins or more. I cleared my watch and can't remember.

5 rounds for time
20 wallballs at 10 foot target
20 KB swings
9mins 20 seconds.

I'm in a piss poor mood. This week has been smashing. It was my first week back to work after more then two months. 12 hour shifts are hard, I seemed to have lost my legs as we say at work. My knees are sore. Not to mention that I got the shit shifts of 11am to 11p and I live an hour from work. So I crashed the first nigth at my friends house who is an 86 year old physics prof from Austria. He keeps his house so fucking the 80's. I was up most of the night.
Jerry of Crossfit Challenge is being kind enough to let me come to his 6am class for free. So I'm not going to miss it! Today I'm unsure what I want to do, that's another post.
Also, after two months off a few of my kind hearted co-workers felt the need to tell me I've gained weight....I fucking know.....Jesus Christ! You're killing me! Watch out world I feel the need to punch!

Felt shattered today. It took me all day to get my ass in gear and do a little something.
Sprint repeats(I say sprints...but to the rest of the world it may look as if I'm walking in slow motion!)
20 Seconds sprints with 10 seconds rests 10X
I did this on the end of a soccer field that has a hill. The hill kicked my ass! My lungs are burning!

AM warm up workout:
KB body Halos, Just to get me moving and loose.
5 mins of swings with 12k :165
Put the KB down at 100 and twice more in the last two mins. My forearms locked up.
Music: Squeeze

PM workout:
5 Renegade rows with two 20# DB's
5 KB highpulls each arm with 20k KB
5 figure 8's each direction
Finished in 10 Min's
No music, just the sound of myself suffering.

8am Balance gym DC
Warm up: Jump rope with weighted jump ropes. I don't know what the weights are but they're color coded. I stated with Yellow, Orange, blue and Red twenty turns each.
150 wall ball shoots for time with a 6# ball. 8:43
Rest 5 mins
power shrugs: 5x45#, 5x65#, 5x95#
OHS: 10X15# bar, 10x35#, 10X40#
5 Sots press with PVC
5x2 Sots press 8k KB left and Right
5 Side presses 8k KB
5 side presses with 16 right and 8k left
5 side presses 16k KB right and 8k left

Today at Crossfit Challenge:
20 mins how many rounds
5 TGU's each arm 16k KB right 8k KB left
10 pushups
15 jumping ball slams
Five rounds


Jerry Hill said...

In Honor of your Kick-Ass Performance the workout you did is now called:

"Hard Flop"
5 Rounds for time
5 TGU's each
10 pushups
15 jumping ball slams


Pamela MacElree said...

Jen, It's awesome that you're back to working out and pretty steady too. Big props for throughing in an aspect that you despise (running) trust me I feel your pain on that one.

I did two Tabata intervals (8 min) on the heavy bag last night, to let off some steam it worked pretty well, well at least better than an assault charge if I actually had punched a person in the face!

Push through it, you're strong, and it's just one of those weeks. Besides you've got Jerry's smiling face to keep you going at 6am!

Jen said...

Thanks guys!

Mark Reifkind said...

good job, that has got to be a killer freaking shift,especially with a commute and after a long break. back in the deep end of the did it though and thats what counts.

Adrienne said...

Jen, It's been great having you around CFOT. You're an inspiration and I think I'm going to steal some of your injured shoulder workouts.

theresa said...

What procedure did you have done on your shoulder?

I have to get my supraspinatus tendon repaired next week, so I'm interested in what you had done.