Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"Cindy" is a Crossfit workout. 20 minuets of 5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats, how many rounds!?!?
Well, I'm not doing Pull-ups right now and my Pushups are weak! So I've been using this modification in order to have a bench mark for myself.
5 ring rows
10 pushups on and elevated surface
15 squats
10 mins instead of 20.
My Max at this point is 6 rounds.

"Intensity could be considered the "Holy Grail" of CrossFit,
however it should not be "intensity at all costs". Intensity
is not an absolute but it is relative. Relative to our
psychological and physical make up. Often our lives have
a way of preventing us from getting a PR everyday we
show up for a workout. It is important to remember that
while pushing the intensity will benefit our fitness, some
days it needs to be more about the beauty of human
movement. So when it seems like the last thing that your
body can handle is coming to the gym for an intense
workout, come anyway and remember that the"
"magic is in the movements"
-CrossFit Santa Cruz-


Diane said...

Nice rounds Jen, thanks for the video! I enjoy your blog, keep up the great work. P.S. What's the diameter of the PVC pipe you do your pushups on? great idea :-)

theresa said...

Good job, Jen. Thanks for sharing.

What exactly did you have done on your shoulder?

Jen said...

Hey Diane and Theresa, Thanks for you comments.
Diane, I don't know what the diameter is I can find out.
Theresa, I had my labrum tightened and a pice of bone removed.