Saturday, February 16, 2008

Quote of the day "Anyone can come up with a workout that will make you puke!"

Yup it's true. It's not hard to come up with a kick ass workout that makes you puke and sore for 8 days. Now don't get me wrong, sometimes the puking is not avoidable. Our workout should have a strong emphasis on form and body awareness, on progression of movements. Most people work years on learning a Kettlebell and dumbell snatch or a OHS. It's important not to forget that you progress to these movements. For me getting my pull-up back is high on the list. Yet, it's not so important that I'm willing to re injury myself. So like it or not I'm doing ring row. Which as it turns out are very hard and the have a load of variations. I going to try to hold myself back even after I feel ready. I'm also trying to rebuild that OH strength and power. With OH walking lunges, TGU's, and a few others. For some reason I can do slamball and I feel it really helped me gain ROM in my left arm. On the OH list are odd objects, like sandbags and med balls OH lunges and other movements. My workouts are one on one off for now. My recovery takes a lot longer in my left arm. When I say one on one off I'm talking arms. On some off days I will do just lower body movements like squats, lunges, jump ropes, Box jumps and running. Today's workout will be 5 ring rows 15 squats How many rounds in 10 mins. I have a little cold so this is a nice easy one.

Nice MU's from Brett of Albany CF!

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