Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Crossfit DC girls were hitting it heavy today! Tom as always makes us believe we can lift the world! Which brings out the best in us!
I think that Adrienne, Aleen and I all had PR's today. My deadlift PR was 205, today I got 210. It was a strong 210, the last time I pulled it my lower back rounded out. Today my shoulders dropped a bit but my back stayed strong. So I guess all the Superman's and up-agaist that wall squats have helped. I also got a back squat PR of 195#. I've never spent a lot of time doing them. I think the last time I was at 115 or so. I went for 205 but lost it. I think I could get it if I had tried again. For some reason the push press was not my deal today. I can get multiples of 70lbs but could not get 85lbs. Oh well.

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