Thursday, July 19, 2007

Look at the workout that I did with all the Front squats. The total pounds moved during that workout would be 8427#. I like to look at the numbers sometimes. Since if you want to get stronger you have to go heavier. For me I want to go heavier but not so heavy that I can't try to go faster with good form as well. Also I can't go crazy heavy to often. So that was a heavy day for me.

On July 17 my before work WOD was
Overhead squats with PVC pipe
and Burpees
For time
My legs were really sore from the heavy day so this was a challenge!
Yesterday My before work WOD was
Spider man craw gym
Superman's 10
Side shuffles gym

Tabata Overhead Squats with PVC pipe(20 seconds work 10 seconds rest for 8 sets)
I really dug this Tabata it's good for my OHS.

The above picture is Nicole from Crossfit. This is her bodyweight OHS. At this point in my Crossfit adventures I'm able to do 5 OHS's with 75#'s 5 times with "good" form. And I work on these twice a week. So just imagin how hard it is to do bodyweight! Nicole can do 15 OHS's with bodyweight! OMG!

One last thing. Check out Crossfit DC's blog. It's got a whole new look!

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