Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Over the last month I've been pretty upset about my dog louie. He has decided that he does not feel safe with anyone but Di and I. He has been lunging at people, I just can't trust him right now. We are getting some trainer to come in and work with us. I feel kind of hopless about it at this point. At home he is sweet and fun as can be. He and I have a bond. But he has to like others for me to keep him. So this journey is a tough one. We will see. So yesterday no workout I just had to go someplace and chill.

I'm not a church goer. This is the National Cathedral. (www.cathedral.org)
One of the most beautiful places in DC. This is a church but it serves all faiths. Everyone is welcome there. American Indians, Wickens, and all the other Known faiths. The building is the most awesome thing in DC. It has carvings from all faiths and backgrounds on it in the form of gargoyles. I say it's the number one place to take your guests who come to town, not to mention it's free. For me it's the landscaping. Which is open and free to all. You can sit and drink and eat in the beautiful bishops garden. Someday Di and I hope to have our commitment ceremony there. Ok off to work!


F2 said...

Don't forget that there is something to be said for a building who's construction has outlived the people who spent their lives building it. Not an insignificant feat in the days of clapboard fabrication and instant gratification. The building phase saw generations of artisans who spent their working lives dedicated to its construction.

~The Mighty Kat~ said...

Wow, that is fantastic. Never knew about it, thanks. And way cool shot with your handstand.