Saturday, July 21, 2007

First some thoughts for today.
"There is no female mind. The brain is not an organ of sex. As well speak of a female liver."
Charlotte Perkins Gilman

OK, just one more quote. It's my favorite and I stand behind it everyday.

"I am a woman above everything else."
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis


Ok, it's the third time I've done this WOD this week. Today I got my best time, 3:34! Now I'll give it a rest for a bit and see if I can get 3 or under.
Diane got 4:50.
Then we did some KB swings person one for 1 min then person 2 for a min 3 rounds followed by a cool down round of 30 seconds. I kept my numbers in the 40's.

Yesterday with Jerry at Crossfit Challenge
Hang cleans I worked my way up to 110 I think? Gotta get under that bar faster. Jerry says I've got the power and I'm getting it up to my chest now I just have to get under it.

The we did 6 rounds for time of
5 deadlifts at 135#
5 presses at 45#
I should have gone a bit heavier on the press but was unsure what my shoulder would feel like.
I think we both finished in the 5 min area. I have to ask him for the time. I dug this workout. Fast, heavy and power centered!

Jerry Hill of Crossfit Old Town Challenge.

"The Clean"
Squat clean aka Full Clean aka Clean = start from the floor, catch in a full squat.
Hang clean = start from the hang position (above or below the knees), catch in the full squat position.
Power clean = start from the floor, catch in a quarter or half squat position aka the power position.
Hang power clean = start from the hang position above or below the knees, catch in the quarter or half squat.
"Hang" describes where you start.
"Power" describes where you catch.
I have to say this is one of my fav's. I like to do cleans with KB's and Barbells more than I like doing them with DB's.


Jerry Hill said...

Hey Jen,
You hit it in 5:15 but lost all that time when you changed weight.

I like to start this workout at 75% of Max x 5 reps x 6 rounds for time.
Keep beating your time for several workouts and then bump the weight up slightly.
Sometimes I'll bump the weight up and move to triples instead of 5 reps.
Thanks for the push...I'll be bumping my weight up next week!

Thanks for the shout-out...great having you in for the day!

gear said...

Hey Jen, try to pull yourself under the weight more rather than pulling it up with your arms. Notice how the bar travels upwards and then comes down onto your chest? You should be meeting the bar at its apex rather than on the way down. When you watch the clip, your arms begin to bend before you start moving down under the bar, which is a sign of trying to muscle it. The good news is that you can handle a LOT more weight when you trust your hips and shrug and then a quick drop to get under the weight. A great way to work this is "Tall Cleans"§ionID=2&exerciseID=150

Good luck, hope we see you back around Primal soon!