Sunday, June 10, 2007

This week at Jen's Gym Silver Spring Fit Camp Robin from Crossfit Challenge came.
She was the only one at camp. So we did a version of "Helen"
10 jumping pull ups
run 200m
12 KB swings
Run 200m
10 min's and Robin got 5 rounds. After that we worked on fundamentals, the squat, Slamball, KB swing(American and Russian), jumping pull ups and the push up.
Robin kicked butt! Her dedication to learning and getting fit is contagious!


focused WOD
Deadlift 115#
15, 12,9,6 and 3 for time

It's just as important as what you eat. I'm a morning person. So no matter what time I go to bed I still wake up between 5 and 6am. My most productive hours are between 6am and 2pm. After that I like to nap on my days off. People give me a hard time about my naps...screw off! Most people can sleep in, I can't. So I take advantage of my days off by taking naps. I also go to bed at early. If I'm home and just hanging out we turn off the TV most nights by 9pm or even 8:30 to go read. Right now I'm thinking of going to bed and it's only 7:24. I have two twelve hour shifts coming at me and I got up at 5:30 today. I have to get up at 4:30am and won't get home before 8pm only to get up at 4:30 again. My day off does not mean I will sleep in, but I will take a nap!
Try it just go to bed. Put the kids down or the dog...whatever and go to bed. People tell me yeah but I wont sleep it's to early. Well just give it a try.
I think my best sleep is from 8pm to mid night. Why do I say that? Well sometimes I wake up and feel like I've been sleeping forever.
Ok, TV off, computer off, lights off and sleep!

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