Friday, June 22, 2007

Started the day off at Crossfit Challenge at 5am. Before class I did some arm bars to get my shoulder moving. Then using the 12k and the 16k worked on some swings and cleans. Not a workout so to speak just moving the KB's around. Jerry gifted me with two 15lb bumper plates. It's so cool to have them at home. Of course you can't get a new toy and not use it. So my bar and bumper plates where set up in the yard all day. I did walk by's where I may do a DL or a push press even a few thrusters.

Diane even learned how to do Deadlifts today, how cool is that! She did great!

I did a scaled version of the WOD from Crossfit. It was humbling!
5 Tuck jumps
10 L-sit pullups...jumping
10 knee to elbows (with arms bent to be kind to my shoulder.)
10 mins
I got 3 and 1/4 rounds...aaagh
Then later today I work on push press and some more KB cleans and swings.
5 each side
swing to clean to push press.

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