Wednesday, May 09, 2007

What your about to read is taken from Coach Zach Even - Esh. I love this guy! I put a few of my own words in to make it apply to everyone. Then I put it were I can read it. It's no holds barred attitude about training.

"Man, sometimes you just don't have the energy to do what you gotta do, whether it's a physical activity or mostly mental activity, or, as is the case most times, it is both physical AND just aren't feeling it.

You're head is pounding, your body feels asleep, all you wanna do is lay down and watch TV.

Well, the mentally tough have their habits aligned with their goals, they do not act or live in a way that slows them down, steers them away or lessens the sight of their BIG goal.

What does this mean?

Quite simply, everything they do is bringing them one step closer to their goal, they do not allow themselves to be sidetracked or derailed.

Training as a busy person is not easy, I can really see why people get into poor shape after they get married, have kids and work the normal 60 – 80 hr work weeks.

What happens is somewhere along all this work and exhaustion, these people lose focus and lose the love they have for taking care of their mental and physical being.

Soon enough, they stop living, they simply exist.

Time passes by, opportunities pass by, more excuses are made and life…..passes you by.

There is no better time than NOW to start kicking a** at what you do, what ever is you REALLY want to do!

Do you want to become the best damn YOU that you can possibly become?

If so, then deal with the fact that there will be times in which you will be tired, or exhausted, you will sacrifice, you will push your mental and physical limits and you will have to do what others do not do!

So what do I do, you ask??

I might train at 5am before my 12 hour shift, maybe 15 minutes of brutal circuit training. I do this while others are still in bed. What do you do once that tired feeling takes over your body?

Does your mind convince you out of the training?

What about turning that dream of yours into a reality?

Do you let others talk you out of it?

Their realistic approach helps keep you as “normal” as they are, after all, if they’re not chasing dreams, why should you?"

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