Sunday, May 06, 2007

Silver spring fit camp went well. We had four people come out. Since it was the first time for a few people we kept it simple. Thank you Reggie for coming out and giving me a hand. Just having you there made me feel more sure of myself!
I hope we have some returns next week and some new people. A few of my neighbors watched the workout and thought it was a great idea for the neighborhood.

So today I went to Crossfit DC early not knowing if my two cohorts would be there to workout before class. Jerry and Tom did not show up so that put the workout idea in my court. Which is hard sometimes to get yourself motivated put yourself through a hard workout. Now I could have just done some skill work and waited to workout with the class. My shoulder is just not ready for high reps under fatigue. So I decided to do this.
Wall squats 10 going deeper each time(thanks Jerry, I've been doing them everyday!)
Arm Bars 12k Kettelbell 2 each arm
Arm bars 16k Kettelbell 2 each arm
TGU's 12k 3 each side
TGU's 16k 1 each side
This was my warm up.
Now the workout was
5 DB Deadlifts
5 DB cleans
5 DB pushpress
5 DB Squats.
5 rounds going up in weight each time.
First round
Then a little ring work
5X5 ring pushups.
Yesterday I did not have time for a workout because I was volunteering in DC. We did landscaping for a section 8 house that is the home of some folks living with HIV and Aids.
So I picked digging a huge hole in what turned out to be mostly rocks. Then spent the rest of my time running up a hill with wheelbarrows full of mulch as well as filling them. So I think that counts as a workout!

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