Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Kettelbell Tabata
First I had to walk about 1/2 mile from my car to the hospital with my KB. People really think this is a strange thing to do?!?!
20 seconds of swings 10 seconds rest. My high number was 14 low number was 12. I could have gone harder. My total reps was 91 with a 12k KB. Today my shoulder is a Little sore, nothing big I just feel it.
Then 4 sets of dips on the bars. Going from as low as I can get or as closed as I can have my elbow. One set of knee to elbows and two sets of 10 jumps to support.
Then Turkish Get-Up work.
The Break down
1.Crunch punch across body. Or just bring the shoulder off the ground, 5 each side
2. up to elbow support, 5 each side
3. up to elbow and leg support body off ground, 5 each side
4. pull Leg through after body support, 5 each side.
5. Full body up
So that's my break down. After that I did two full TGU's on each side with my 12k kettlebell.
It was a good workout and as the day rolled on as it turned out I was happy I went hard.
Life is full things I don't always fully understand. The prenatal people in my life have been less than prenatal. All of them ( in my case more then two)have rejected me in some fashion. Even at 37 it continues. I'm not feeling bad for myself or placing blame on them alone. It has always baffled me that the parents in my life want me to do all the reaching our or continuing of a relationship. Seems they wait around for me to do the communicating. Then if I fail which I have, they feel I'm the one responsible for the failed relationship. I'm so frustrated, angry, and let down. What to do? Only one thing to do, press on love the people who love me and the ones that are not sure how to love unconditionally. Grab you boot straps and pull them up. Chin up head to the wind. Let go of the anger, live the life.

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Catra said...

I love this picture!!!!
When I die I want to come back as a dog they sure do have it made;)