Friday, May 25, 2007

Today I covered Jerry Hills Crossfit Challenge classes. What a blast.
I had them do "Fridays Filthy Fifty" Everyone starts with 50 Burpees after that it's your choice from my list. Two rounds of fifteen Min's. Trick is if the clock runs out before you finish your last set of 50 you start from the beginning with that on the next fifteen min round.
Two rounds total, try to get through as many as you can. Today Willy was the top finisher with 13. Andrea was a close second with 12! Nice work gang!

This is my work in progress of 1/2 bodyweight thrusters. I start off pretty good and then my squat form kinda goes. So I will drop the weight and do some more looking at form. I'm not going to drop the weight very much maybe 5lbs or so. Still I'm pretty shocked that I even got them up 7 times! That's a first.

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