Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Is Your vision all boxed up?
Or is your vision to big for any box to hold?
My Vision for myself and for Potomac Crossfit is way bigger then any box could hold.
The people I train at Potomac Crossfit will go out into the CrossFiting world and other trainers and trainees will see my/our vision.
This is part of the reason that we have a foundations class that teaches the nine basic movements before people are free to go to other WOD's. This is also part of the reason I try to learn and spend time with other coaches who are more skilled then I am.
When you walk away from training with me I want you to represent Potomac CrossFit which is part of an even bigger picture....CrossFit!
My goal is this, to teach skill and intensity which are not at odds with each other. (someone said this that I would love to give credit to but I don't know who it was.)
Thought of the day....Make your vision bigger!
Check out Erika one of our awesome coaches! She has a very good training eye is comes up with excellent cues on the spot! I'm proud to work with you!


Erika said...

Awww...thanks, Jen! We have a fabulous group of trainers and athletes at PCF and I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such awesome people. You guys teach me something every day and inspire me to be the best trainer I can be.

Adrienne said...

Kudos for such great work for both of you!! Two very inspiring ladies.

Jen, I'm hoping to continue this love fest Friday night. I already have my outfit picked up, and I'm planning on taking a shower before I show up! Yay!

G said...

Hi Jen
what is the movement you are doing lying on the floor facedown with theKb overhead.