Thursday, May 22, 2008

Over the last two work days my WOD's were.

Day 1:
Tabata KB swings
2min rest
Tabata wallball

Day 2:

Row 500 meters
2 TGU's each side 16k KB(I was really working with the Left side.)
Row 500 meters
Row 500 meters

Next week I'll be up in Albany for the Crossfit Challenge. I have to say that over the past year I've been pretty humbled by my injury. It does bother me that I can't shin. I guess it's a life lesson. Maybe a coaching lesson, that you don't always have to be the center of attention in order to be good at what you do. I'm going to Albany with the hope to get a new baseline for myself. Also to help out at the CF total. It would be nice to go and be the east coast wonder women..but that's not going to happen. I want my form to be top notch and my attitude to be inspiring.
I could take my shirt off or pull my shorts up my ass....but I think I'll hold back on that! It would be funny to do the Deadlift in a thong!! But I don't thing upstate is ready for that!

This picture is from the Underground Strength Coach/Urban Athletics clinic I went to a few months ago.

Too check out the East coast Challenge go to


Adrienne said...

Good luck Jen! Represent the DC/NOVA/MD area like the rock star you are. You're already my inspiration.

Katie said...

Jen, you rock girl! I would love to see you do that in a thong though! I think it'd be great! :)

Jen said...

Thanks Ladies! I've been missing the blue room! Once I get back from the Games I'll be back in. The sad fact is I'm trying to save gas money so I had to cut out my extra drive to VA for a few weeks.
Keep me posted on the BBQ if I'm around I would love to drop in!