Monday, May 19, 2008

I just got back from Colorado, we were there for a week on Vacation. Over that week I really only worked out once. It was at 8500 feet and all I had were two 35# dumbbells. I did some sort of hang clean, push press and thruster deal. Followed by walking lunges and front squats. I was crushed! I could not get my wind for a long time!

We spent a lot of time with Di's family in Denver. We drank and ate! Whew, I feel fat and lazy!
While we were there I got to see an old friend of mine and my brothers, Greg Reickert. I used to babysit Greg. Now he's a grown man, it blows my mind. We had a short visit but it was still good to see him. Greg if you read this, just know that your in my thoughts and I hope great things for you!

I did get a few handstands in.

More impressive than that was seeing the Denver Marathon...well actually most impressive was this lady Donna who did it in her wheelchair. I don't know how she did, but as her pacer went by she told us her name and we cheered her on. I was deeply inspired! Go Donna go!

So now that I'm home and done sitting on my ass for now, I thought I would do a modified "Fran"

Jumping Pull-ups
Push press with 45# bar(I know Fran is Thrusters, today was not the day for me to do thrusters)

Warm up: all with bar
5 Shoulder shurgs
5 hang cleans
5 hang squat cleans
5 seated shoulder presses
repeat twice.

Later today I will do tabata squats and Swings.

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