Tuesday, September 25, 2007

So I've been Tagged by another blogger. Rules: Having been tagged, I have to blog 5 things about myself that mostly no-one knows and then tag three more blogger friends.

1. I'm a cryer. Yup, I cry at lest once a week, at stupid shit. When I watch a sporting even like the Olympics the Tour DE France. I just can't help it. I cry when I watch the Biggest loser. I'm not ashamed...I cry!

2. I started a huge fire in my town when i was a teenager. No one was hurt! It was in the woods behind a convent,in there compost pile. We were smoking and thought it was funny to flick our butts into the leaves. We ran home and then heard the Fire trucks going up to hill. I'm pretty sure my parents knew it was Gene and I. It scared the shit out of me!

3. At 19 I moved to Africa for a while to do Missionary work. For the first week I would not come out of my Hut. I've never felt so scared and homesick. Eating was out of the question. I felt paralyzed by fear. Once I got myself together I had an awesome time.

4. My mother left my father when I was two. My father let my Grand parents take care of me. He got re-married and had my step mother take care of me. They got divorce when I was 16. My father chooses not to have a relationship with me now. Over this last year my former step mother who brought me up decided that she did not want a relationship with me. She feels I don't like her. This is her choice. I have prenatal issues. I think the problem is they all think it's my responsibility to make the relationship work.

5. When I have to pee....I have to pee! Enough said!

The three blogs I tagged Coach Rut, Cheap Appearances, and Tracy's blog. All can be found in my link list.

Today's workout.
Fight Gone Bad style.

Sledge hammer tire 1 min
jump to support on rings 1 min
kettlebell swings 16k 1 min
Three rounds then one min off
Repeat and done!


Moondog Mai said...

Regarding crying...whenever I cry I think of this stupid Kleenex commercial that aired about a year or so ago. A lady is telling some difficult story and she's of course tearful, but she says "my tears don't compromise my strength." Stupid commercial, but awesome quote in my opinion.

and I can't believe you started a fire O_o ...you definitely lived quite a life!

theresa said...

Ran across your blog by way of Eva T's blog. Are you in the Air Force?

Jen said...

Nope not it the air force. why?

theresa said...

Because it says you're an ER tech and you're pretty close to Andrews AFB. It was a long shot, but I thought I'd ask. I used to work in the ER too.

Chev said...

Did your shoulder last during "Fight Gone Bad" on Saturday. You don't know me, but your blog keeps me going. I came out with my friends to your class on a Sunday. Kicked my butt, but kickstarted me into great shape afterwards.