Monday, September 17, 2007

Don't have time to workout!?!? That's bullshit!
1 minuet intervals
Kettlebell swings
Tuck Jumps
Four rounds no rest. The clock is always running. It's not a beat down workout. Yet, it's enough to fit into my busy day!

1 minuet intervals
Hang Power cleans with 75# Barbell
Kettlebell cleans
1 minuet Right
1 minuet left
Two rounds

Went to store to buy stuff for dinner

1 minuet intervals
Air squats
Two rounds of one minuet

Started the grill

Same thing with One handed Kettlebell swings
1 minuet each arm
Two rounds.

What do you think about when your alone?

I found myself thinking about death. I've dealt with alot of it in my life. As a teen I lost a good friend Eddy Green in a car crash. He was my first real boyfriend in 8th grade. Then in high school we lost a few people to DWI's. Later in high school we lost a good friend Tina fonzo in a car crash. She was a very unique women I can only wonder what she would be doing if she was still with us.
In Africa I saw a lot of death. At 19 seeing how death was delt with in another country was scary yet enlightening.
As an adult I was with my Pop when he passed away. It was by far the hardest death to that point. He is why I went back to Castleton for a while. Taking care of him was more important than collage. It was strange to be with him at that last second as he inhaled and exhaled them nothing. He was free from his pain, yet I can say with much certainty that he felt cheated. Russ loved life very much and felt that he had so much more to do. He told me he was angry that his life was being cut short. So was I, since I loved him more than anyone. Russ and I were very much a like. I don't look like the rest of my family nor do I have a lot in common with the rest of my family. Russ was sporty and outgoing. We even look more alike than anyone else.
I wanted to pull him back from death so bad at that time. Now I see that he had a good death. At home with his family no pain just peace.
At work I deal with death all the time. Two strangers meeting at the last seconds of one persons life. They're between life and a crossroads.
You may think this is strange but the lost of my dogs has been as painful as some of the people I have lost. Seeing them go reminds you that it's inevitable we all die and we don't know when or how. That's the part I hate!
Don't read this and think I'm depressed, I'm fine. It's a very real part of living...dying that is. It has taught me a great many things.
"Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying"


Chev said...

Hey Jen, that was deep!! Made me appreciate life a bit more. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

catoworks said...

Jen - great post! you are right. Everyone dies, but not everyone truly lives! (corny, but from a movie).

This is a great reminder. Also, you have been tagged: