Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Willie is on fire! Funny thing is as he gets to the end of this his KB swings get better. Nice work!

My April 12th workout.
I've had 3 days of little or no pain in my shoulder. At this point I'm still shying away from really high reps that involve the shoulder.
Today's workout was short but I'm trying to ease back into things.
Warm up
Dead-lifts for form with PVC pipe. From waist down 2 sets of 10
Dead-lifts with 45# bar 2 sets of 10
10 jumping pull ups
10 press press with 45# bar (last two sets where push press.)
Four rounds.
Now I will do at lest two more sets of DL's with the oly bar.
On and off I've been doing GTG deadhang pullups yesterday and today. I think I'm at 10 or so today.

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william_C said...

hey jen, thanks for posting the video. I was exhausted. I showed up for the workout that Monday and none of my classmates showed up so jerry took it out on me. In a good way!

During the workout i did not think i could continue, after the workout I wanted more. :)