Monday, April 30, 2007

OK, I'm back. I could not get into my blog for days....So frustrating!
Well my first Jen's Gym Fit camp was a reality check. A few people put there name on the list but as it turned out is was only me and my Faithfull Diane. So I press on in getting the word out.
Diane did a short workout as follows
1 min each no rest just move to the next station. She did four rounds.
20 ballsalms
10 dips
two passes at rope ball
Thank you Di for hanging out and being there!
Then I ran home and got my Oly bar and did "Nancy" 5 rounds for time
15 overhead squats
run 400 meters
It was killer fun!
Yesterday, Sunday.
I rode to Crossfit DC which is about 8 miles
Helped Tom out and played around on stuff.
Rode home.
Mowed the back yard and did four rounds of
10 jumping pull ups
5 knee to elbows.
Moved on to the front yard
Did 4 rounds of 5 hang cleans for form
and 4 rounds of squat cleans for form
tossing in a few more knee to elbows.

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