Sunday, April 22, 2007

Crossfit DC
Today was the Grab-bag of pain.
24 exercises in each bag two teams.
You work as a team to get finished with your bag. But what you pull is yours, no pain sharing.
In each bag we had some "Wild" cards.
Like tell, "take a run and take a friend" or "10 two person clapping pushups"
These were put in each bag so that each team could slow the other team down.
We were outside in the park. It got hot fast! Everyone did a great job! Thanks for coming.


Christine Petty said...

Grab bag of pain... that'd make a nice shirt.

reggie said...

I'm *still* a little sore from Sunday. Thanks Jen (and Jerry in case you're reading this blog)!

But...I should be at the Tuesday (24 April) CrossFitDC session. Bring it on! :-)