Tuesday, November 04, 2008

So I'm a CrossFit junky, you got a problem with that? I'll meet you in the alley and we can "talk" about it.

Recently someone asked me "Who are the Glassmans?" The look on my face I'm sure was priceless.
My answer was along the lines of well they're the two people who started CrossFit and who are also married(the unspoken thought was....what the fuck do you mean who are the Glassmans?!)

What would I say now that I've had time to think about it the question "Who are the Glassmans?"

Two people who invest their lives to making CrossFit better and to reach and teach people what "Fitness" really is.

Other then that, they seem from my far off view like two people who are good hearted and down to earth and that I'm proud to say run CrossFit. Which is a very large part of my life. Athletic science, political opinions aside these are two people who are doing more for "fitness' then most of us can understand.
Some people love them, and some people love to argue with them and take them on...have at it!

I stand behind them! Which is not saying I agree with all they say and do. I do agree with their focus and their intent.

Why this post? Who knows or understands the things that run through my head? It's my blog and it was something I was thinking about.

We all have opinions and ideas....we don't all agree. Does that make us enemies? It really shouldn't

I am a CrossFit junky!

I'm not kissing ass I'm stating the facts about people in my community. CrossFit is a communtiy which supplies way more then fitness to a lot of people. Me being one of them.

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