Monday, November 24, 2008

Lot's going on at Potomac Crossfit which makes it hard for me to post. I've been having shoulder issues both left and right so my focus has been getting them back to normal.
I have been using the KB to get overhead with TGU's and Windmills. With these movements I get weight overhead with out pain. Also, I've been working the KB one handed high pull to get some pull into my life.
What do you do to keep your joints happy?


Adrienne said...

Hey, so sorry to hear about the shoulder pain. That has to be so frustrating. Have you talked to Dr. Branch about it yet?

My date is set for Dec. 3rd. Any advice??

Jerry Hill said...

Figure out what's irritating them and what makes them better.

Watch your Volume. If there are movements that you like but stress a prior injury; be careful of overdoing it during one high volume workout OR too frequent a workout with said movement.

The rules change with a prior injury and emm...age. One might have been able to back squat 3 x week in their youth; injuries and age change the game.

If you LOVE back squats but they make your joints "cranky" find out what alleviates the pain. EXanple;L-sit pullups might be enough core work to help with the back pain.

Face pulls, cuban press, rear delt work might help counter a prior rotator injury that gets irritated with heavy overhead work.

Make sense?

Why do they hurt?
Because you over did it.
Is there a balance?
Can I do x amount of "this" with no pain if I counter it with "this" prehab movement.
Do I need to cut back on frequency…

A bit of a ramble - trying to help – I can go into more detail