Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Let me introduce you to Carta my next guest. I've been going to her blog for the last year or more. She has a way of staying positive and strong that is contagious. I'm so glad she took the time to stop by Jen's Gym and do a post. thanks Carta! Enjoy her post folks!

My name is Catra Corbett I am an Ultrarunner and crossfit junkie.
I have run over 250 ultramarathons since 1998.
I was never an athlete I was a little tiny thing. I was such a girlie girl growing I took dance class and loved it. My parents decided I need to play sports since that's what my little brother did. They had me playing soccer & softball which by the way I hated both. They involved running and I hated running. I pretty much sat on the side line. I had fear of getting hit my the ball in both sports. Once you get hit your afraid. I got hit in the face with the softball and soccer ball.
I hated that time of year in through Jr. high & high school where you are tested on your physical fitness which I had none. Couldn't do a pull-up. The run on the track forget it. I never ran a full lap.
Started hanging it in the club scene in the 80's and halfway through the 90's. Dancing and party we're my exercise.
My life came to a screeching halt 13 years ago when me and an X-boyfriend got arrested for selling meth. aka speed. They dropped the charges on me and got me for under the influence since I never had been in trouble before. I spent one night in jail and was scarred straight.
I decide to get my life back find something else to do so started walking and joined a gym. I also decide to become a Vegan. I went from one extreme to the other not healthy to super healthy.

I ran marathons for two years then found out about Ultramarathons. In my first 3 months of running Ultras I ran my first 100 miler. I'll telling you running and complete a 100 miler is better then any .
high I got doing drugs. I have run 52 100 milers.
Ok so the question is how do you do it?? How do you train where do you find time??
To do it you must have discipline and dedication. You make time , if I have to work I get up early and run before work. The weekend are always long runs. 30-40 miles. I know I must do my long runs to prepare for an ultra.. I make time in my life for running and crossfit. I'm single and I have no kids so it's much easier for me then most woman who have a family.
I started doing crossfit in August of 2006. I went for 4 months and feel in love with it. I tell people you walk out of crossfit realizing how unfit you are because it kicks your butt every time. I quit going for 3 months and start again at a new crossfit facility close to home. I feel in love with the energy of all the trainers at one world crossfit. I felt like I fit in.
I have been at one world since March 07. I hiked 2000 mile of the Pacific Crest trail last Summer and I don't felt I would of been strong enough to hike with a pack 30-40 miles a day. It was my training at crossfit that helped me.
I never had a strong upper body but I feel like I do know. With running your not developing all the muscle groups like you do when you do crossfit.
My running has improved with crossfit. The most noticeable difference is on the up hills. I feel stronger especially during the night in a hundred mile race. I use to just crawl up the hills, now i power walk up them because I'm so much stronger.
I love crossfit so much I will be getting my level 1 cert. in March. I will also be going to the crossfit running & endurance training cert. in Newport beach in February.

I believe crossfit has changed my body & mind. It has helped me not to be stuck, and just run, run , run all the time. I feel like I don't have to run 120 miles a week to do well in an Ultra. I can get by on running 80-100 miles and do just as well if not better.

"Lifes a journey not a destination"

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another great interview,person and training story.